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Back in June, Bain & Company hosted a virtual webinar in partnership with Momentum Education for its Career Conversation Series. Normally, Bain has a semi-annual Volunteer Day on which all employees partner with local non-profits and community organizations to give back to our community. However, given coronavirus, we were forced to shift our efforts online. In the very first event of its kind for Bain Texas, we were thrilled with the outcomes from our time with Momentum’s students. As education is one of four pillars of Bain’s Social Impact practice, this opportunity directly aligned with our mission and legacy of service for schools in the Greater Houston area.

Nearly 20 different ‘Bainies’ and dozens of Momentum Education students joined the call. We kicked off with a presentation describing the consulting industry at-large and how Bain fits into the broader picture. This included a breakdown of the consulting landscape and the various consulting firms, a description of our work as a strategy consulting firm, and a few highlights of the opportunities and community that can be formed at Bain. Then, we shifted into tailored breakout rooms split along secondary and post-secondary lines. For those students in high school, we had conversations surrounding college prep, including how to apply to college, how to pick a major, how to access financial aid, and how to tell your story. For those already in college, we had corresponding conversations related to job and career prep, building a resume and/or cover letter, how to interview, and more.

After the event, I had multiple coworkers reach out to me who had been involved. Each of them shared how grateful they were for the event and how excited they were to engage in these conversations. This was not surprising considering the Momentum students came prepared with interesting, insightful questions. Some were tactical while others were very vulnerable. All of them allowed us to recall the nostalgia of being in the shoes of a student attempting to figure out what the future may hold. Consulting as an industry, and Bain & Company as a firm, is a place for employees of all backgrounds. We hope to do our part to ensure students in our backyard have access to this field. It is my strong belief that our event with Momentum Education contributed to that goal. It was an honor to work with Momentum Education, and we look forward to what this partnership may hold in the future.

— Ryan Zepeda (Associate Consultant Bain Houston)

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We provide mentorship, in-school learning, summer opportunities, and scholarships to help ensure students have access to post-secondary education & employment.

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