How Momentum Education Changed My Life for the Better

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Since being involved with Momentum Education, my life has changed drastically in numerous ways.

Before my involvement with the organization, I was a junior in high school who had limited access to resources to advance myself for my future career. Coming from a socio-economically disadvantaged household, it was difficult for me to have access to technology to network and search for opportunities such as pre-medical school advice and internships. Most of the information I got was from my teachers and counselor.

All of that changed when I received this white card with instructions from my counselor. Out of curiosity, I followed the instructions on it and then what do you know…it lead to me to Momentum Education! From there, I met Raj and became involved with Momentum Education.

Afterwards, I was given many opportunities and met people that helped guide my academic career closer to my goal of becoming a physician. The uncertainty of getting into medical school diminished with time as Raj and Momentum Education introduced me to extracurricular activities, unique internships, and leadership programs. The mentorship program allowed me to meet many professionals who have either succeeded to be where they are now or ones who are on the correct path to do so. I have had many wonderful experiences with each and every of my mentors that has changed my life and allowed me become more optimistic.

Without Raj and Momentum Education, I would be endlessly struggling to find that illumination… a chance for a much brighter future.

Thank you.

Franklin Pham, Undergraduate Student Researcher

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We provide mentorship, in-school learning, summer opportunities, and scholarships to help ensure students have access to post-secondary education & employment.

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