Momentum’s Event Productivity [Behind the Scenes]

Do you ever wonder who is working behind the scenes at Momentum Education? Who analyzes all the data and ensures students thoughts & ideas are being heard? Meet Anusha De, a Momentum Ed Board member who does all the BTS on Momentum Ed’s data!

Audrey: Hello Anusha, it is so nice to get in touch, thank you for taking the time! I wanted to start off by asking to tell a little bit about yourself, where did you grow up, what college you went to, and what your future plans are?

Anusha: Of course, I grew up in Houston, TX and I am actually a senior at University of Texas — at Austin studying computer science. I am graduating soon and will work as a software engineering for a firm in New York this fall.

Audrey: Oh wow, that is amazing! Now, tell me a little bit about the work you are doing with Momentum Ed, you are on the board — what is that like?

Anusha: Yeah, so I work with Raj, the executive director for Momentum Education, directly to analyze the data for the different program components, I do analysis on event data, go through the post-event survey’s and find what we can improve on and what students want to see in future events. So for example, our Young Professional Program, & our Leadership Academy has a survey sent out every month. I use that survey to analyze data and see if Momentum can improve anything. I sit down with Raj and go over the results, analyze the trends, but mainly discuss the main takeaways and see how I can collect data in the most accurate way possible.

Audrey: That’s incredible! My next question is, how did you get involved with Momentum Education?

Anusha: Well in high school I was apart of the HISD student congress, through that I was connected to One Jump [now merged to create Momentum] — in the end, I asked Raj if I could participate in any capacity and here I am.

Audrey: I see, this makes me wonder, what is your daily schedule like as a senior in college & on the board of a non-profit?

Anusha: Mostly class and homework, but generally I wake up, go to lecture, some days have TA hours — so I have office hours. I love to bake the stress away, so I’ll bake, go on a walk if the weather is nice or do any activity. In the evening, I try to finish everything before dinner, so this includes all of my work with Momentum to be able to unwind for the rest of the night.

Audrey: Ah yes, baking is the ultimate stress-reliever [I recommend it to everyone!] My last question is, what inspired to get you into education and work with Momentum Education?

Anusha: I have always been directly involved with education as I either volunteered or worked as a tutor for students, so I have always had an interest in education. Around this time, late last year, I started thinking of more ways to make a larger impact — how I could use the skills and experience I have developed and put them into better use.

Audrey: Right, and what wonderful ways to really help your community! That wraps up all of my questions, is there any last thoughts or comments?

Anusha: I just wanted to say that I have been loving working with Momentum, I hope that what I have been able to contribute is useful and I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with the team!

Audrey Pena (Marketing Coordinator at Momentum Education) interviewing Anusha De (Board Member for Momentum Education)

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