My name is Michael Ajibola, and I am a senior Industrial and Systems Engineering student at Texas A&M University- WHOOP! I am originally from Nigeria but moved to Houston five years ago. I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading about the cutting edge tech, and playing musical instruments. After moving to the United States in my junior year of high school, I heard about Texas A&M University being the one university in Texas with different traditions and family values. This caught my attention and I only wanted to attend this specific university. I applied to the engineering program and got accepted. Unfortunately, I could not afford to attend that Fall. It was a difficult time for me because getting a college degree meant that I would fulfill my dream of becoming a consultant. It also meant that I would be able to financially support my family.

Momentum Education, formerly known as One Jump, gave me a four year scholarship to attend college. The scholarship significantly relieved my financial burden. Receiving this scholarship was one of the events that helped me to keep pursuing a college education. I enrolled in community college for two years and transferred to Texas A&M in the fall of 2019. During my two years of community college, I had the opportunity to participate in the mentorship program at Momentum. The mentorship program helped me connect with someone who cared about me and my success. I was able to have someone support me through the process of transitioning into college and making wise career decisions. So far, my experience with Momentum has been incredible. When challenges arise, people from Momentum are always there to help. They have given me advice on how to deal with challenges and provided the resources I needed to succeed.

Momentum recently hosted a career conversation with Bain and Company for students interested in consulting. This career conversation gave me an insight into what the management consulting lifestyle looks like. I was able to interact with several employees at Bain and Company. At this event, I was exposed to the requirements of landing an offer at a top consulting firm. With the assistance and prep from people at Momentum and information from Bain employees, I was able to receive invitations to interview for consulting roles at top firms. Raj Saholtra referred me to several consultants to prepare me for rigorous interviews. Despite not knowing much about consulting a few weeks ago, I was able to utilize the resources provided by Momentum to achieve success at the interviews. I just received an offer from McKinsey & Company, and next summer I will be working there as a summer business analyst.

— Michael Ajibola (Class of 2021)

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