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Hello! My name is Jazmine Mendez. I was born and raised in Houston but moved to Laredo, Texas in 2015. I am 23 years old, married, and a mother to an 8-month old baby boy. I am also currently a graduate student at Texas A&M International University majoring in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice. I am currently expected to graduate in Spring 2021. I am pretty excited and look forward to graduation. When I got married and people found out I was pregnant the words that haunted me the most were “Once you have a baby, your life is over and you won’t finish school.” Although, it has not been easy, I managed to find a balance between reading, homework, my baby, my husband, keeping up with housework, and more. Planning, day by day is what helped me stay sane and keeps helping me. Planning things day by day has definitely made my life so much easier. For those who think that us moms have to give up our dreams once we have kids and even for the younger moms that have fears about pursuing a degree, all I have to say is that although it might be harder, everything is possible! So, do not give up.

Furthermore, once I graduate I hope to relocate to Houston and become part of Child Protective Services. It has always been my dream to work for CPS and help promote and ensure the safety and well-being of children. I believe that it is important to provide children with a safe environment because their childhood traumas and experiences can greatly affect them as they grow up. My interest in working for CPS sparked when I worked at a daycare center, and saw how some children showed symptoms of abuse and maltreatment and we had to report it. It broke my heart to know that some children were not fortunate enough to live in a safe environment and therefore, I decided that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of these children.

At Momentum Education I am the Marketing and Parent Engagement Intern. My job is to manage all social media and create event and advertising flyers that will help the organization develop more awareness of what they have to offer for students. In regards to parent engagement, I am in charge of reaching out to them and trying to get them to become more involved with the organization so that they can help us spread the word about the opportunities we are offering to students, provide input to the organization, and stay engaged and aware about how we support their children. I decided to work for Momentum Education because of what it stands for and its goals. As a Sociology major, I am aware of how many students do not have the resources to attend college and graduate. In addition, I am aware that parent engagement in their children’s education helps motivate students to continue striving for their dreams. Working for Momentum Education is allowing me to help tackle one of the many issues that we face in society. In this case helping underserved students have access to post-secondary education and employment opportunities through school learning, mentorship, scholarships, and life-changing summer opportunities.

— Jazmine Mendez, Class 2021.

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We provide mentorship, in-school learning, summer opportunities, and scholarships to help ensure students have access to post-secondary education & employment.

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