The Student Success Intern

My name is Odalis Uriostegui and I am currently attending the University of Houston- Downtown. I am twenty two years old and I was born in Houston, Tx. My career goal is to become a Bilingual Educator. I love working with students and hope that one day they see me as their role model. Some things I enjoy doing during my free time is exercising and reading books.

At Momentum Education, I am the Student Success Coordinator. I help middle and high school students keep up with their tasks and organize spreadsheets. What caught my attention to this organization is the role of helping students. I believe this is a really important job, as it leads to their success and guides them as well. So far I enjoy being an intern for Momentum Education. I have been able to multitask and been able to use different technology devices while working on my assignments. Through this process and also internship, I’ve been able to make professional connections. Also, Raj has been very lenient and comprehensive with my working hours and school. Something I love about Momentum Education is I’ve realized they do their best to push their interns and students and guide them through every task. This also motivates me to do my best in school and as an intern with this organization. What I enjoy most about Momentum is being able to help others!

— Odalis Uriostegui